Xiaomi has unveiled the mijia smart laser meter for 169 yuan

Laser meters have replaced traditional meters because they not only provide ease of measurement, but are also compact and easy to use. Using laser meters, errors are also greatly reduced. Xiaomi has already launched several meters of lasers produced by its partners in the environmental chain. The company has now launched the first Mijia laser meter.

The mijia Smart Laser Meter has only one control button that turns on by pressing for 2 seconds. With a short push, the measurement starts, while double-clicking the button changes the front and rear measurements. The one-button design makes it easy to work with the device.

The body of this device is made of lightweight aluminum alloy and high-strength engineering plastics that not only have a matte appearance but are also more resistant to abrasion and scratches. After a short push to start, this meter can display the current length in an instant. This device uses a precise and stable Class II laser that can measure distances of about 5 cm and a distance of 40 meters.

mijia smart laser meter is equipped with two-shot single receiver laser heads. The complex steps of calibration data collection and laser emission display are completed in an instant, and the accuracy of the data can reach up to. 3 mm, which is accurate and reliable.

In addition, it supports a variety of functions such as connecting to mobile phones and connecting to the Mijia app to accomplish data synchronization, length / area / volume calculation, mapping and classification, drawing, drawing and viewing effects.

The mijia Smart Laser Meter has a high-brightness LCD display that can display current measurement data, outdated measurement data, measurement standards, units, power and other information. In terms of battery life, its 370 mAh lithium battery can measure 3,000 data sets when fully charged.

In terms of price, the mijia Smart Laser Meter is officially available on the Xiaomi youpin platform for 199 yuan (US $ 30), while it is sold for 169 yuan (US $ 26) during the financing period. Its financing period started on October 13 through Xiaomist.Comping Center and Xiaomi youpin.

Xiaomi unveiled the mijia smart laser meter for 169 yuan for the first time at the Xiaomist.Com . appeared.


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