Xiaomi has introduced the mijia 2 electric kettle

Xiaomi has recently unveiled an upgraded 2 Megia electric kettle; However, the price of this product is still 99 yuan (US $ 15). In appearance, this new kettle uses a 7-shape open handle design, which shortens the distance from the bottom of the kettle to pressing the key and makes the work easier. This handle has a round linear design that makes the hand feel more comfortable and saves water.

Compared to the previous mijia electric kettle, the capacity of the Mijia 2 electric kettle has increased from 1.5L to 1.7L, which can boil 8 cups of water simultaneously. This device can meet the drinking needs of the whole family without frequent boiling.

This product uses a two-layer structure inside and out to create an intermediate insulation layer and prevent accidental burns. The inner tank is made of 304 grade food grade stainless steel and has an integrated structure, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance and easier cleaning.

The 2 Mijia electric kettle is equipped with a 1800 watt thermal chassis with high energy collection power, which can shorten the boiling time of 1500 watt electric kettles for 2 minutes. Its thick aluminum plate heating chassis is used to even out the heat load and completely boil water.

In terms of safety, this electric kettle uses the British STRIX thermostat, which allows the power supply to operate accurately and stop the heat when the water reaches the boiling point. It also has four power protection systems, including automatic shut-off when water runs out and dries. It also has a high temperature fuse protector and shockproof design that ensures its safety for use.

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