Xiaomi bets on QLED technology with two new televisions at a scandal price

Xiaomi has presented today its new Xiaomi Mi TV Q1E , two 55 and 75-inch televisions, with QLED panels capable of offering us an enveloping and realistic vision while elevating its aesthetics with a slim and elegant design.

In addition, these two new televisions arrive in Spain with a really interesting price , starting at 799 euros in the 55-inch model. Without a doubt, a bet with guarantees of success if we take into account the prices at which other QLED televisions of the competition move.

A cinema experience with the new Xiaomi Mi TV Q1E 75 "

The new 75-inch Xiaomi Mi TV Q1E comes together with an ultra-sharp screen with Local Dimming technology with 192 zones . Its QLED panel uses nano-sized Quantum dots technology to achieve a wider color gamut and display brighter, more vibrant and lifelike images.

Xiaomi apuesta por la tecnología QLED con dos nuevos televisores a precio de escándalo. Noticias Xiaomi A

Its dual built-in speakers with large sound gaps consist of four woofers and two tweeters , producing both delicate highs and deep lows. Thus, clear, three-dimensional sound will fill the room and allow you to enjoy a cinematic experience from the comfort of home.

Xiaomi bets on QLED technology with two new televisions at a scandal price. News Xiaomi

In addition, this new TV has an Android TV 10 operating system . Thanks to this, the user will have access to more than 700,000 movies and programs and 5,000 applications. As in the 55-inch version, connected via Bluetooth, the remote control works at any angle and from any direction - no need to point at the TV.

The Xiaomi Mi TV Q1E 75 " is already available in our country for 1,599 euros at mi.com/es and at MediaMarkt.

Xiaomi Mi TV Q1E 55 ″, quality / price assured

With a Quantum Dots 4K screen , the new Xiaomi Mi TV Q1E 55 ″ offers an exceptional DCI-P3 color gamut of 97% and an astonishing 103% NTSC color spectrum, with a high dynamic range supported by Dolby Vision and HDR10 +.

Xiaomi bets on QLED technology with two new televisions at a scandal price. News Xiaomi

This TV also features 60Hz MEMC technology to ensure smooth, high definition motion picture playback. In addition, it also works with the latest version of Android TV 10, which offers endless movies, programs and applications, as well as Chromecast to be able to transmit the user's favorite entertainment options directly from the phone, tablet or laptop.

My TV Q1E 55 "will be available in Spain from November 11 for 799 euros on mi.com/es and in the main official retailers.

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