Xiaomi and Mijia present their new dehumidifier, without the use of water

Among the long list of household items by Xiaomi, this time we find a new smart dehumidifier: Mijia 22 L , which is an ideal solution that can work perfectly without the use of water; and as usual, at a very attractive price.

xiaomi mijia deshumidificador inteligente 22L precio del deshumidificador

Xiaomi Waterless Dehumidifier What are its functions and features?

We begin by talking about its internal capacity, which as its name indicates, is 22 liters . This allows us to keep it on for many hours.

  • In addition, as it is a smart device, it has an automatic shutdown system in case the tank fills up , avoiding any type of leak or overflow.
  • It also has the option of being able to connect directly to the drain hose, so that if there is excess water, it can be removed in a better way and without the worry of having to do it manually .
  • On the other hand, due to its dimensions and weight, it is very easily transportable ; since it also has comfortable rollers in its lower part.

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Humidifier 22L Dehumidifier Price 2

Regarding its functions, it comes equipped with 3 different modes ; the first one is intelligent, where it uses a sensor that measures humidity and temperature , which allows the room to be dehumidified without our intervention . The second facilitates drying, and the third, suspension, where it works by reducing the noise generated, perfect for sleeping hours.

What is the price and availability of the Xiaomi and Mijia dehumidifier?

The new Xiaomi Mijia 22L Smart Dehumidifier, for now, is only available on YouPin, for a price of 1,299 yuan, which at the exchange rate corresponds to € 175 .

  • Like many other products of the brand, it will most likely arrive in the next few weeks at Banggood or AliExpress and we will update this article with the best purchase price available.


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