Xiaomi 12: The new smartphone flagship could look so beautiful

Xiaomi 12: The new smartphone flagship could look so beautiful

With the Xiaomi 12, we have a new high-end smartphone from the Chinese manufacturer that is supposed to set new technical standards in several respects. But Xiaomi could also break new ground in terms of design. First render images whet your appetite.

Xiaomi could close the smartphone year 2021 with a real blast. The presentation of the Xiaomi 12 is expected in December, and with it a smartphone that is not only breaking new ground technically, but above all visually. New render images now show what the Xiaomi smartphone could look like (source: Let's Go Digital).

Xiaomi 12: Concept shows a smartphone with many curves

In contrast to other concepts, these are not made out of thin air, but are based on a recently discovered design patent from Xiaomi. You can see a smartphone that is in the truest sense of the word well-rounded - there are no recognizable corners or edges on the rendered images. Everything works in the flow.

If the Xiaomi 12 actually looks like this, the smartphone should be a real flatterer . With its frameless design and the in-display camera (a camera hole cannot be seen), the supposed Xiaomi 12 also looks very futuristic in the pictures - we like it!

Xiaomi offers much more than just smartphones, as we show in this video :

Xiaomi 12 is said to have a 200 MP camera and 5,000 mAh battery

Overall, a chic concept that will hopefully be turned into reality in one way or another. Apart from the design, buyers of the Xiaomi 12 can expect top technology . Among other things, the new smartphone should be able to take slow-motion pictures at 1,920 frames per second and have a camera with an impressive 200 MP. And the battery shouldn't have to hide with 5,000 mAh either. It is not yet known whether this can be quickly recharged with 120 watts. We'll find out about that in December at the presentation.


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