Windows 11: Ryzen users keep waiting - xiaomist headlines

Windows 11: Ryzen users keep waiting - xiaomist headlines

Windows 11 does not run as smoothly as it should on every system. Users of AMD Ryzen systems in particular currently have to be prepared for performance losses, especially after the latest Windows update. In this issue of xiaomist Headlines, you can find out what happened and what else happened this week.

AMD: Windows 11 update degrades performance

It's time for our weekly reminder not to switch to Windows 11 just yet. So, as long as you have an AMD system.

We previously reported that AMD Ryzen processors had some problems with Windows 11. AMD had measured up to 15 percent performance losses, for example with esports titles, and therefore advised against an early update.

Now the first patch for Windows 11 is here. With him, the problems observed became even worse.
As TechPowerUp has measured, the latency of the L3 cache on a Ryzen 7 2700X is around 10 ns, under Windows 11 it was 17 ns. With the new patch, it is now 31.9 ns that the processor can wait for the cache.
The patch that fixes this problem is apparently due out in the next week.

Apple: is a new MacBook Pro finally coming?

There are still some Apple products to be expected this year. Now is being delivered later. The next Apple event will take place on Monday, October 18th.
What do we expect there? At least the MacBook Pros with the M1X chip, maybe an update of the M1 Mac mini with a new design.
It is still a bit unclear when you can hold the devices in your hands.

Especially since: Anyone who is currently trying to get an iPhone that has just been introduced can be patient. Sometimes you can already wait a month for the availability of the new smartphones. The reason should be clear, the ongoing lack of chips does not stop at Apple.
Bloomberg had also reported that the company will even produce 10 million fewer iPhones than initially planned. Apple partners have since denied this report.

Display problems with the iPad Mini 6

Or you just wait until the first problems put you off buying. Like with the iPad Mini 6. Not only does it have to struggle with uneven "jelly scrolling", there is also discoloration and distortion when you exert pressure on the display. Although this is not a new phenomenon, it is mainly known from devices that are produced at low prices.

A Reddit user has since reported that this problem is classified as a "known issue" at the "Genius Bar" and that the affected iPads are exchanged on site.

Samsung event: what is expected

As Samsung has announced, the next event is coming up on October 20th, two days after Apple.

What can we expect? The Galaxy Tab S8, for example. According to insiders, the Galaxy S21 in the "Fan Edition" will not be presented until next year. In the teaser video, the Samsung services are also staged, it is quite possible that we could get news there too.

Sony & TSMC: Cooperation for a new chip factory

As reported by Reuters, Sony is apparently currently planning a cooperation with the chip manufacturer TSMC to open its own plant for microprocessors in Japan. The Japanese government is also expected to invest the equivalent of $ 7 billion in the plant.
Completion is planned for 2024, so the situation will not improve anytime soon. There is still no official confirmation from the two companies.

Mobile phone contracts are now extended for a shorter period of time

On December 1st, a new version of the Telecommunications Act comes into force.
New contracts for mobile phone tariffs can be concluded for up to 24 months as before, but they can only be extended automatically by one month at a time. That means: If you want to get out of the automatically extended contract, you can do so at any time with a period of one month from soon. Incidentally, this also applies retrospectively to old contracts.


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