Who still needs Spotify now? Apple provides more choice on the PlayStation 5

Who still needs Spotify now? Apple provides more choice on the PlayStation 5

Apple pays a "visit" to Sony's PlayStation 5 and fulfills a great wish of gamers. From now on they can get their game soundtrack from the Apple Music catalog and are no longer dependent on alternative streaming services.

Apple Music now on the PS5

Sony and Apple are now announcing the availability of Apple Music for the PS5 . For the first time, subscribers to the streaming service can also use the service with over 90 million available songs on a game console (source: official PlayStation blog). Users can not only access the previous playlists, specially curated game playlists are also available. But music videos from Apple Music are also played back without any problems.

Useful integration into the game world

Particularly useful and desired for a long time: Music can generally also be played in the background and thus also while playing. So everyone has their own gaming soundtrack at hand and is no longer dependent on the songs in the game alone. This is particularly useful, for example, in racing and action games. How exactly does it work?

Apple Music can also be opened during the game by pressing the PS button on the DualSense Wireless Controller to call up the "Control Center" and the "Music Function Card". This then shows music recommendations suitable for the game currently being played . Players also get access to playlists from the library and the aforementioned gaming playlists are displayed.

Already knew? In the video we reveal how you can get more memory in Sony's PS5:

The download of Apple Music is now possible on the PS5, followed by a supported registration via QR code or traditionally by entering the Apple ID. Incidentally, this is not the first time that Apple and Sony have worked together. The popular game consoles received the Apple TV app last year. Subscribers can also watch films and series from Apple TV + on the PS5 and PS4.


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