WhatsApp without notifications - what is currently the cause

WhatsApp without notifications - what is currently the cause

WhatsApp has basically become an integral part of our lives. If then no notifications are displayed or no sound is played, you get annoyed because you may miss a message that you were waiting for. This is exactly what is currently a problem for some users.

WhatsApp: No notification tone

Many people use the beta version of WhatsApp for Android and actually never expect problems like in the current case. In fact, despite some updates, WhatsApp no ​​longer plays notification tones for many people. In the end, this means that you can still see the icon in the notification bar, but there is no sound for it.

Although WhatsApp has released an update in the beta version, the problem with the notifications was not resolved. The reason given by the WABetaInfo professionals is that several teams are working on the messenger . So that with a future update of the beta version of WhatsApp for Android, the error should be cleared from the world.

If you want to fix the problem with the notifications in WhatsApp directly, you can of course also exit the beta and switch back to the normal version . The error has not appeared there so far, so there are no problems with notifications by sound or display. But then you lose early access to new functions.

In the video we show you WhatsApp tricks that you need to know:

WhatsApp: backup encryption for everyone

In case you haven't noticed: In WhatsApp, the backups that end up in the cloud at Google or Apple can now be encrypted. This closes the last major security gap in the messenger. We strongly recommend activating this function in order to secure your data. We'll tell you how to do this in this article.


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