WhatsApp: what s behind the mysterious community function?

WhatsApp: what s behind the mysterious community function?

Is WhatsApp suddenly becoming a social network as we know it from Facebook? A mysterious community function has appeared in the messenger's source code, which is currently causing confusion. In fact, there is something completely different behind it, as an insider reveals.

WhatsApp is planning a community function

XDA developers have made an interesting find in the source code of WhatsApp. A community function is mentioned there. Speculations have flared up as to whether WhatsApp might suddenly become something like a social network and receive a groups function from Facebook. After all, WhatsApp is owned by Facebook and is being further developed there. There have been attempts to connect WhatsApp to Facebook that have so far failed. But you don't have to worry about the community function either.

The WhatsApp experts from WABetaInfo give the all-clear. The community function is coming, this is confirmed, but it is a completely different function than the name suggests. In the community function, you will only be able to better manage your WhatsApp groups :

The function has been known for some time, but wanted to wait before publishing it until WhatsApp integrates and visualizes it in a version so that you can publish pictures of it . But now they have reacted to the leak from XDA and clarified what exactly is hidden behind the community function.

In the video we show you the best WhatsApp alternatives:

WhatsApp closes a major security gap

Much more important seems a new option that was released in the beta version of WhatsApp. There you can finally encrypt the backups that you upload to Google Drive or the iCloud. This means that Google and Apple can no longer access your chats, photos and videos. This function will soon be released for all WhatsApp users and must be activated by you .


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