WhatsApp officially closes the last loophole - you have to take action yourself

WhatsApp officially closes the last loophole - you have to take action yourself

WhatsApp preaches over and over that Messenger encrypts messages end-to-end. That's also true, but there is a huge security hole that has been closed with the latest update. But you have to take action yourself to activate the function and protect yourself.

WhatsApp introduces end-to-end encryption for backups

Update from October 15, 2021: The beta test of the end-to-end encryption for backups was very short. From now on everyone can encrypt their backup , which is uploaded to Google Drive or iCloud. We'll tell you below how this works.

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WhatsApp has been encrypting its chats for many years, which ensures more security. Nobody, even WhatsApp, cannot read your chats - with one exception. Backups in iCloud or Google Drive, however, were not encrypted and can be accessed there without any problems. A huge vulnerability that has finally been fixed. In the current beta versions, WhatsApp has activated end-to-end encryption for backups , as I was able to find out myself:

So far, the backup said that WhatsApp cannot read the messages and see other content. Now the description also explicitly states that Google cannot access the content either . That almost confirms that this was previously possible if the backup was stored there unencrypted. The same applies to the iCloud at Apple.

The end-to-end encryption for backups is not activated automatically in WhatsApp. You yourself have to go to Chats and Chat Backup in the settings to activate an "end-to-end encrypted backup". This is the only way to actively close WhatsApp's last major security gap. Currently this is only possible in the beta versions, but the final release should also take place soon .

In the video we show you the best WhatsApp alternatives:

WhatsApp increases the security of the messenger more and more

Bit by bit, Facebook is making WhatsApp Messenger more secure and adding functions that protect users. With the introduction of encrypted backups, WhatsApp has become a bit better again.


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