WhatsApp: New function frees you from your legacy

WhatsApp: New function frees you from your legacy

Anyone who likes to use WhatsApp a lot will accumulate a lot of files over time, such as photos, videos, voice messages, documents and the like. You never really clean them up. This is exactly where a new WhatsApp function is supposed to help.

WhatsApp: backup size can be set individually

We recently reported that WhatsApp is finally encrypting the backups in the cloud and thus filling a large security hole. The company is still working on additional functions for backups. In the future, you will be able to decide individually what you really want to back up and what can simply be deleted over time (source: WABetaInfo).

So you will soon be able to choose in WhatsApp which content you want to keep. So far, one can only decide whether or not to include videos. That's it! In the future it will be the case that all content can be selected individually . In this way you can determine whether photos, audio files, videos, documents and "other" are to be included in the backup. Under "Other" you will definitely find GIFs and the like.

The innovation could also have a specific reason. Currently you can upload infinitely large backups of WhatsApp to Google. In the future, the backup is supposed to be limited to 2,000 MB per account . If you then create a backup, you have to have enough storage space on Google Drive or you have to separate from content that you probably no longer need anyway.

In the video we show you exciting WhatsApp functions:

New WhatsApp function so far only in development

Even though many details about WhatsApp's new backup function are already known, this feature is currently still in development. In the near future, it should be released initially in the beta version and then later for all users. As soon as that happens, we will let you know.


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