What you will gain and lose when buying a Xiaomi with a MediaTek processor

It's not all about the price, the camera, or the design. When buying a Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO, many people focus their attention on its processor , a very important element depending on the tasks we want to perform.

In general, there are many who incur in negatively evaluating certain processors. Mainly they criticize aspects such as speed or fluidity, without taking into account the rest of its variables . Such is the case of the MediaTek processors, characteristic chips of the mid-range and Xiaomi input.

Buying a Xiaomi with a MediaTek processor: what you will win

Today there are numerous processor manufacturers, for that reason before judging what can be better or worse, it is important to assess each of the characteristics that a Xiaomi with a MediaTek processor can offer:

1. Competitive price and cheap mobiles

Many people assume that the low cost of MediaTek chips is a poor quality signal. Such thinking has a logical basis, but it is worth noting that currently the prices of MediaTek processors are quite competitive .

What you will gain and lose when buying a Xiaomi with a MediaTek processor. News Xiaomi
Redmi Note 8 Pro, with a MediaTek processor turned out to be a success

Their competitive prices allow MediaTek chips to be present in a wide variety of entry-level devices.

In this way, a Xiaomi mobile can be offered that preserves the quality-price ratio that defines the Asian company, for a much cheaper cost than that of the competition's mobile phones. Devices like the POCO F3 GT , Redmi Note 10 5G or Redmi Note 8 Pro are proof of this.

2. MediaTek dominates the market over Snapdragon

The sales analysis carried out by the Counterpoint Research team shows that the Taiwanese company MediaTek has taken 43% of the market in the second quarter of 2021 .

MediaTek surpasses Qualcomm for the first time: it is now the largest manufacturer of chipset for smartphones. News Xiaomi
MediaTek, market leader 5G

This figure represents almost double the sales achieved by Qualcomm , which last year dominated the market with 28%, while in the second quarter of 2021 it barely managed to stay with 24% . Although Qualcomm remains the leader in the 5G processor category.

MediaTek's strong presence in the entry-level and mid-range devices represents a resounding success for the Taiwanese company, allowing them to enter more premium mobile phones.

3. Gaming-focused processors

Some of the chips like the Helio G series, such as Helio G25, G35 and G95 are processors that are aimed at the world of gaming mobiles.

The gaming experience is of utmost importance for a large number of consumers, so the MediaTek company has decided to focus on providing a product that is capable of empowering entry-level mobiles to obtain a better gaming experience .

Deficiencies of MediaTek, what you will lose when buying a Xiaomi with this processor

MediaTek has multiple positive points to earn a place in the technological world. However, the shortcomings of its processors should not be forgotten, since in terms of performance they are below Qualcomm processors . At least on high-end mobiles.

Xiaomi apuesta por MediaTek ante la escasez de procesadores Qualcomm. Noticias Xiaomi A
The MediaTek Dimensity 1200 has never been as fast as the Snapdragon 888

Another major disadvantage has to do with the variety of Custom ROMs. Unlike what happens with Qualcomm, MediaTek does not usually release its drivers, making the development of ROMs difficult above all . Hence, we practically do not find ROMs other than MIUI for the latest Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO.

Also, MediaTek processors have other things to improve, such as energy efficiency or overheating . In addition, these processors, although every time you see less, they tend to show less fluidity over time , as well as a higher battery consumption.

However, MediaTek is positioned as a leader in mid-range mobiles, and this is demonstrated by its success in sales and dominance of the market . Therefore, the popularity of the firm is unlikely to decline in the coming months.

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