Use Apple Music for free for over a year: Free months can be stacked (update)

Use Apple Music for free for over a year: Free months can be stacked (update)

If you want to use Apple Music but don't want to pay for it after the first free months, you can use a little trick. As bargain hunters have found out, free months from various sources can be easily stacked. With a little luck, you can even use the premium service for free for over a year - even as an Android or Windows user.

Use Apple Music for free for several months

Update from 10/11/2021: We have added links to further promotions below. So you can get another four or five months .

Original article:

Streaming services are a dime a dozen. Apple Music is one of them. Anyone who owns an iPhone, iPad, MacBook or HomePod may have already tried this service. But even Android and Windows users are not ruling out Apple, which is now our benefit. With an interesting strategy, a user of mydealz found out that you can stock up on Apple Music for over a year - completely free of charge. How does it work?

In the end, you stack up Apple Music free months. Actually, that shouldn't work. It currently does, however. I tried it myself and got eight free months. As an Android user on the Pixel smartphone. Also works for existing customers. At the start of Shazam there are 5 months for new customers and 2 months for existing customers or returnees. Then you work your way from provider to provider, which we have linked below:

2 or 5 months of Shazam via the website (go to Shazam) or the iOS app (go to the App Store). Android and Windows users go to the website here. If you activate the free months via the Shazam app, you can also get an additional 2 months via the website. 1 month from Saturn (visit Saturn website) 1 month from Deutsche Bank (visit Deutsche Bank website) 1 month from MediaMarkt (visit MediaMarkt campaign on Apple website) 1 month from iTunes (visit iTunes website) 1 month from Music Artists CN (visit Music Artists website in Chinese) 1 month from MediaWorld (visit MediaWorld campaign on Apple website)

New additions:

2 months via Shazam promotion (Shazam promotion on iTunes) 2 months via second Shazam promotion (Shazam promotion on iTunes) 1 month via the Deutsche Bank app (only for Deutsche Bank customers in the app)

In the best case, if you really use all the codes as a new customer and receive double creamery at Shazam, you can get 14 months. But this does not work with family subscriptions.

Important: You have to cancel the subscription before it expires. Otherwise you will pay the monthly fees. But you can see exactly when this is the case in the subscription management. Apple is very transparent about this.

In the video you can find out why Apple Music is so special:

Stacking free months in Apple Music could be a mistake

We don't think that stacking free months should be possible this way. So it could be that the possibility will be blocked again . Currently it still works, as I can confirm myself. Since I have YouTube Premium, I will not use the service either.


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