These themes will even change the WhatsApp application of your Xiaomi

The multiple customization options offered by MIUI themes seem endless. Not only do they let you change the design of the interface of your Xiaomi, but some themes also allow you to modify the appearance of applications such as WhatsApp .

In past recommendations, we talked about five essential topics to install on your Xiaomi , and also about five other topics so that your Xiaomi does not look like a Xiaomi . However, today's list is somewhat different, as we bring you topics that will completely change the WhatsApp of your Xiaomi .

Five themes to completely change the WhatsApp of your Xiaomi

All the themes on the list can be found in the MIUI Themes application. Just enter the name of the topic of your choice in the app's search engine and that's it. Select, download, import and apply.

In case it does not appear in the search engine, it is likely that you need to change the region of your device . Do not worry because at the end of the article we will show you how to do it. Without further ado, we leave you with the recommendations of the week.

1. Whiter Dark V3

We kick off today's recommendations with the Whiter Dark V3 theme, a holiday-themed customization pack with a dark background, and slightly redesigned app icons. The clock and date widgets are combined like an almanac , giving it a distinctive touch, as if you were celebrating a special date.

As for WhatsApp, Whiter Dark V3 is responsible for changing the native colors of the app for a more striking pink . The names of your contacts also change color, the letters of the messages become somewhat clearer, and the button to start a new chat is replaced by a flash .

Whiter Dark V3 WhatsApp

It is worth mentioning that changes in WhatsApp only take effect with dark mode disabled . Whiter Dak V3 is compatible with devices running MIUI 12 and MIUI 12.5 , so you are interested, do not hesitate to give it a try.

2. Red Dawn v12.5

If what you are looking for is a theme that intimidates and imposes character, then Red Dawn v12.5 is what you need. This customization pack designed for dark mode presents you with a blood moon whose intense red color blends with the darkness of the background.

Most of the application icons change, as they come to rest on a lead-colored box like the control center . The widgets for their part remain unchanged.

Red Dawn v12.5 WhatsApp

On the other hand, WhatsApp slightly changes its external appearance, since it is only appreciated that the button to start a new chat acquires a black background and a red cross. However, the message boxes within a chat turn a deep red with a gradient. Red Dawn v12.5 is compatible with MIUI 12 and 12.5 , so feel free to check it out.

3. NewPort v12 DarkLight

Next on the list is NewPort v12 DarkLight , a retro-themed theme with oversized widgets, different styles, an animated lock screen, and a dark grayish-gradient background. Among other wonders, the application icons change completely , offering a much more classic appearance.

NewPort v12 DarkLight WhatsApp

The control center also changes its appearance, with buttons that have orange relief and details . Regarding WhatsApp, the main change we see in the application is the color of the letters, which turns orange. Otherwise, the message boxes and the writing bar also change color.

As for the exterior of WhatsApp, the button to start a new conversation becomes somewhat larger, with a small orange cross inside. Keep in mind that these changes occur only with dark mode activated . NewPort v12 DarkLight is compatible with mobiles running MIUI 12 and MIUI 12.5 .

4. Miui 13 Concept

An excellent minimalist theme for those who do not want to go through radical changes is Miui 3 Concept . This customization pack modifies the control center and gives it a simpler look , with transparencies and white details. Likewise, it also grants a different design to the icons of the battery, mobile signal and WiFi signal .

Miui 13 Concept WhatsApp

The main screen remains largely the same. The application icons do not change their appearance, but the time and date widgets take on a retro style . This style matches perfectly with its colorful background and original lock screen.

On the other hand, WhatsApp receives a different header and the photos of the contacts change their shape into a square with rounded edges. Like others in the list, the changes in WhatsApp are only noticeable with the dark mode activated . If this topic catches your attention, download it to your Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO mobile with MIUI 12 or MIUI 125 .

5. A + 12 v12

Lastly, we present a very original theme, with eye-catching widgets and totally different application icons. A + 12 v12 is a theme that hides many surprises in its pastel-colored interface .

One of the main attractions of A + 12 is its lock screen equipped with multiple widgets and shortcuts to applications such as WhatsApp and Facebook. Although not everything ends there.

A + 12 v12 WhatsApp

Like the rest, this theme also modifies the appearance of WhatsApp, but unlike the others, it does not work with dark mode . The exterior of the instant messaging app is also adorned by neutral colors, the chats are divided into squares , the "check" icons change color and the photos of your contacts become inside a square .

Also, the button to start new conversations changes to a text balloon . On the other hand, the WhatsApp header no longer has the name of the app, but is now titled with the name of the topic. It is undoubtedly the customization package that offers the most changes . If you like it, it is compatible with MIUI 12 and MIUI 12.5 , so don't miss your chance.

So you can change the region of your device quickly and easily

Changing the region of your Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO is not something to worry about. This simple adjustment is reversible and does not pose any risk to your device. To change the region, you just have to go to Settings> Additional settings> Region and select another country, for example India .

Once the region is changed, return to the MIUI Themes application and type the name of the theme you like in the search engine . If you find it, proceed to click on the " Free " or " Premium " button, as the case may be, to start downloading the theme. After downloading, you just have to click on " Apply ."

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