The weather app on your smartphone only shows rain? That’s the reason

The weather app on your smartphone only shows rain? That's the reason

Some actually reliable weather apps on the smartphone can go crazy: Often only rain is predicted, and not a drop falls throughout the day. But that's only partly due to the weather.

Unreliable weather apps: that's why it always rains

Anyone who regularly checks the weather on their smartphone - before an evening walk with their dog, for example, or as part of the weekend planning - will have stumbled upon it: The weather is chaotic. Whether today, tomorrow or in a few days, whether on an Android smartphone or iPhone, the picture is the same everywhere: rain and even more rain, although in many places not a drop falls for days. For example, there are now and then gloomy prospects for iPhone users:

There are several reasons for the strange weather app phenomenon: On the one hand, the weather in summer and autumn is usually less constant than in winter. Showers are more frequent in summer and they are "quite large, but do not hit every place to the same extent," explains meteorologist Jürgen Schmidt from the Wetterkontor weather service (source: editorial network Germany). For example, rain can be forecast for one city, but during the day it will only hit a few parts of the city, while elsewhere it will remain dry. It can also look bleak on Android:

Inconsistent weather in and of itself is nothing new, the new problem lies with online weather services and weather apps. These would often refer to the free American forecast model Global Forecast System (GFS). However, the events in Europe and Germany cannot map this as well as the European and German weather models. Schmidt thinks: "Predictions on the mobile phone should be treated with caution ."

We show you some alternatives to the preinstalled weather app in the video :

Expert advice: Do not use iOS or Android apps for weather forecasting

The expert advises: Do not use the preinstalled weather apps that are integrated in Android or iOS. Instead, one should rely on applications that use locally more precise models for weather forecasts. You can find a large selection in the Apple App Store and in the Google Play Store. So you can rely a little more on the information on your mobile phone before you set off.


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