The price of the new Redmi Watch is filtered 2 days before its presentation

On October 28, Xiaomi will unveil its new entry smart watch. We are talking about the Redmi Watch 2 , a new smartwatch that we probably know in the Global market as the Xiaomi Watch 2 Lite and of which we already know its price.

Through, a renowned online sales platform in China, the price of the Redmi Watch has been leaked 2 days before its presentation and has also let us see its three color variants: black (Elegant Black), blue ( Space Blue) and sand (Ivory).

This will be the price of the new Redmi Watch 2 (Xiaomi Mi Watch 2 Lite)

As we can see in the following images, the Redmi Watch 2 will have a starting price in China of 399 yuan, about 53 euros to change . A quite interesting price, although somewhat higher than what we saw in its first generation.

Se filtra el precio del nuevo Redmi Watch 2 días antes de su presentación. Noticias Xiaomi A

In this way, after its launch in the international market, the Redmi Watch 2 or Xiaomi Watch 2 Lite could have a starting price of around 60 or 70 euros , about 15 or 20 euros more expensive than the Xiaomi Watch Lite. .

Of course, as a great novelty this new smartwatch will bring with it an AMOLED-type screen and also large . This will certainly give you a more premium finish and display with brighter colors and purer blacks.

The entry The price of the new Redmi Watch is filtered 2 days before its presentation was first published in xiaomist: Xiaomi news and news website .


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