The new Redmi Watch 2 is now official: presentation date and possible features

In addition to announcing the arrival of the new Redmi Note 11 Series , Xiaomi has made official a product that many of us have been waiting for a few months. It is the new Redmi Watch 2 , a smartwatch that promises a great quality / price ratio and that we probably know in the international market as the Xiaomi Watch 2 Lite .

After several certifications that anticipated its arrival, the Redmi Watch 2 is now official . This has been communicated by the company itself using an advertising poster which also shows what its design will be.

Redmi Watch 2, presentation date and possible features

As we can see below, the Redmi Watch 2 will be presented on October 28 at 7:00 p.m. , China time, that is, together with the Redmi Note 11 and Redmi Note 11 Pro that will also debut that same day.

El nuevo Redmi Watch 2 ya es oficial: fecha de presentación y posibles características. Noticias Xiaomi A
Redmi Watch 2 official poster

In addition, this new smartwatch will maintain the same square format of its first generation, apparently adding a larger screen and thinner frames . This will make the Redmi Watch 2 or Xiaomi Watch 2 Lite a much more premium smartwatch, at least in design.

Beyond that, everything remains a mystery. Even so, it is expected that the Redmi Watch 2 will bring with it improved hardware and general more advanced features in relation to the first Redmi Watch.

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