The new Black Shark gaming mouse is now on Amazon

Today, Black Shark is one of the most exciting mobile gaming brands; and not only for their smartphones, since we can find a large number of accessories, such as headphones , gaming triggers , finger covers and mice, as on this occasion; We are talking about the Black Shark Mako M1, which can now be purchased at Amazon .

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Black Shark Mako M1 What are the features of the new Black Shark mouse?

Its design is ergonomic, adjusting perfectly to our hand; which makes both work and play easier. An attractive aspect is its set of RGB lights (which we can customize), in addition, it has 6 keys that we can also customize to our liking.

  • Likewise, we find a double connection, either by USB cable, or by 2.4 GHz Wi Fi technology .

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Regarding its response speed, it presents a 10k Dp1 optical sensor . And, in what corresponds to its Lithium Ion battery, it is rechargeable and powerful, being able to last several days without any problem in its operation.

It has its own software where we can configure both the RGB color, the DPI, and the 6 keys , to adapt them to our use, and we can also see the remaining battery among other parameters.

What is the price and availability of the new Black Shark Mako M1 mouse?

If you are interested in buying the Black Shark Mako M1, you can buy it on Amazon at a final price of € 29.99 ; being a very attractive price for this class of gadgets that usually costs around € 50 or more.

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  • You need to apply the € 13 coupon that appears next to the product, and then enter this discount code: 2MIHKOT7
Black Shark Wireless Mouse, Dual Mode Wireless Gaming Mouse, usb wired mouse with Honeycomb Shell, 10K DPI, 6 Programmable Buttons, Rechargeable RGB Wireless Mouse for Mako M1 Laptop PC
Black Shark Wireless Mouse, Dual Mode Wireless Gaming Mouse, usb wired mouse with Honeycomb Shell, 10K DPI, 6 Programmable Buttons, Rechargeable RGB Wireless Mouse for Mako M1 Laptop PC
  • Dual Mode Wireless Mouse / Mouse USB Cable: Low latency plug-and-play connection in 2.4G wireless mouse mode. USB Type-C wired mouse mode helps keep you playing while charging, or you can unplug the battery switch to switch to light wired mode with a 71-inch braided cable
  • Two Interchangeable Back Shells: The Mako M1 Gaming Mouse lets you choose between two rear shells. The compact model looks stylish when you hold the mouse, and the honeycomb model, with a hollow-carved design, turns the Mako M1 wireless mouse into a lightweight 90 gram tool.
  • Dynamic RGB lighting and 6 customizable buttons: The Mako M1 wireless mouse features 6 DPI color indicators, 10 different RGB lighting effects, and 6 fully programmable buttons. In addition, it supports built-in memory and macro editing by the driver. (Note: This software is compatible with Windows only)
  • 10K DPI optical sensor: This device is equipped with the ergonomic mouse optical sensor model PMW3325 and six default DPI levels (500/1000/1500/2000/3000/5000 or up to 10K DPI with software), 100 IPS, 20G ACC And a 1000Hz refresh rate, the M1 mouse offers superior game speed with fast and accurate response.
  • Package Contents: Black Shark Mako M1 Gamer Mouse, User Manual, Warranty Card (Download User Manual in Product Guides and Documents on this detail page)


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