The Mini Mijia washing machine with high temperature washing function was introduced

In addition to the Xiaomi CIVI phone and the mijia treadmill , Xiaomi has also unveiled the mijia Mini Washing Machine. This is the smallest washing machine in the list of washing machines of this brand, which comes with several suitable features. This device is designed for young users whose clothes are usually not too big.

The main feature of this machine is the washing function at high temperature and boiling temperature, which is designed for washing personal clothes and can perform deep sterilization and remove mites. The Mini Mijia washing machine can be used as a special washing machine for personal clothes or baby clothes to prevent the problem of washing clothes by hand.

This device has four temperature adjustable levels including evaporation of 90 ° C, removal and sterilization of 60 ° C, efficient stain removal of 40 ° C and protection of pure cotton dye at room temperature. This machine also has 16 unique washing methods and 10 special washes for stains and makes it easy to deal with all kinds of stubborn stains.

This device has a capacity of 1 kg and is designed to be placed on the desk and does not take up much space. Its operating system also supports OTA upgrades and connectivity to smart home devices.

According to professional inspections, the Mini Mijia washing machine can effectively remove the three main germs hidden in the underwear at a water temperature of 60 ° C. Among them, the removal rate of Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli in pasteurized washing mode is up to 99.99 and the removal rate of Candida albicans in washing condition is 99.3.

The Mini Mijia washing machine can also deeply remove the mites hidden in the clothes and remove pollen allergens through a powerful stream of water and high temperature at 60 ° C. According to professional tests, this mini washing machine has a mite removal rate of 99.9 and a pollen allergen removal rate of 99.8% at 60 ° C water and baby wash mode, and effectively reduces the sensitivities caused by unwashed clothes.

At the same time, the Mini Mijia washing machine has 16 washing and internal care programs, which include washing underwear, washing baby clothes, pasteurizing washing, washing towels, washing silk and other modes. Among them, the quick wash mode can wash clothes in 24 minutes. It also has 10 types of washing for stains such as baby food stains, soil stains, chocolate stains, cooking stains and so on.

This product is available from October 1 at a price of 1099 yuan ($ 170).

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