Telegram is celebrating great success thanks to Facebook

Telegram is celebrating great success thanks to Facebook

When WhatsApp or Facebook are weak, the competition increases massively. In that case, Telegram reached a gigantic milestone in a short time that would never have been possible without the failure of WhatsApp and Facebook.

Telegram hits one billion downloads in the Google Play Store

When an app hits a billion downloads on Google's Play Store, it becomes almost a legend. Only very few applications in the world achieve this milestone. Telegram is now officially part of it and Facebook had a large part in it. If Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram fail, over 70 million new users have come to Telegram within a few hours . This has now led to Messenger being downloaded over a billion times (source: SamMobile) - in the Google Play Store alone, mind you.

Telegram would of course have reached this milestone at some point. After all, the messenger is considered to be one of the most important alternatives to WhatsApp and is particularly popular in Germany, as there are functions and options there that WhatsApp lacks. If the Facebook services don't work, Telegram is currently the first point of contact.

For the Telegram makers, this success is of course great and a confirmation of the hard work that has been done over the past few years. It hardly matters whether you are a fan of this messenger. In any case, Telegram has asserted itself as an alternative to WhatsApp.

But there are more WhatsApp alternatives, which we present to you in the following video :

Telegram more and more often in the focus of data protection and justice

As the best-known alternative to WhatsApp, Telegram is also increasingly in the focus of data protectionists. The users are supposed to be "easy prey" there. This is primarily because the chats there are not automatically encrypted and cannot be viewed by anyone. The judiciary has already tackled Telegram. But none of that stopped the rise of the messenger.


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