Tariff hit: Unlimited data volume for 29.99 euros per month

Tariff hit: Unlimited data volume for 29.99 euros per month

If you don't want to compromise on the mobile phone tariff, you should take a closer look at the current offer from Mobilcom-Debitel. For a short time there is the monthly cancelable "Free Unlimited Max" tariff in the network of o2 without data and speed limit of less than 30 euros per month.

Can be canceled monthly: Unlimited data volume for 29.99 euros per month

If you want to get a real Unlimited tariff, you have to dig deep into your pockets for better or worse. Although o2 offers cheaper tariffs, the speed is then severely limited. This is not the case with the current offer from Mobilcom-Debitel. You can download as much as you want in the o2 network without limit and you can also use full speed for this - for currently only 29.99 euros per month (see at Mobilcom-Debitel). The tariff can even be canceled on a monthly basis.

The details of the tariff at a glance:

Provider: Mobilcom-Debitel Network: o2 Allnet and SMS Flat in all German networks Unlimited LTE data volume (225 MBit / s) EU roaming including basic fee per month: 29.99 euros Can be canceled monthly Provisioning fee: 9.99 euros

The one-time connection fee is 9.99 euros. EU roaming is included, of course there is no automatic data transmission, as there is no data limit. In addition to the unlimited LTE data volume with a maximum of 225 Mbit / s, an all-network and SMS flat rate is included. So you pay 30 euros once a month and don't have to limit yourself anywhere with this tariff.

Important: With the tariff you also get Norton 360 free of charge for one month. You have to actively cancel it, otherwise you will pay 2.99 euros more per month . Do this immediately after connecting the tariff in order to avoid unnecessary costs.

In the video we tell you what a really good tariff is:

Who is this tariff deal for?

In the end, for everyone who doesn't want to worry about the data volume. Of course, 30 euros is a lot of money for a cell phone contract, but you also get a lot on offer. Really unlimited tariffs are unfortunately very expensive in Germany, so you can get a real bargain here. Since it is a monthly cancelable tariff, you do not take any risk.


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