Surprise at Samsung: Unpacked event announced - that s what you can expect

Surprise at Samsung: Unpacked event announced - that s what you can expect

Surprisingly, Samsung invited to an unpacked event. There the South Korean company wants to show a "new dimension of possibilities". We reveal which smartphones and tablets you can expect and why the date is so explosive.

Anyone who feared that Samsung would not have any new products to present after the successful launch of its new folding cell phones this year can breathe a sigh of relief: On October 20, the electronics company invited to an unpacked event that will be broadcast on YouTube.

Samsung introduces the Galaxy S21 FE and Galaxy Tab S8?

But what exactly could Samsung introduce next Wednesday? The Galaxy S21 FE would undoubtedly be a hot candidate. The smartphone world has been waiting for the smartphone for a long time and should Samsung still want to take the important Christmas business with it, a presentation at the end of October with a subsequent release might be the last time.

The introduction of the Galaxy Tab S8 and Galaxy Tab S8 Plus is also conceivable. Current flagship tablets are missing from Samsung's product range, which with Exynos 2200 and AMD graphics could compete against Apple's iPad Pro line. The predecessors have been available since August 2020 and are among the best Android tablets on the market.

A number of Samsung services can be seen in the teaser itself, for example for fitness, the smart home or the Bixby digital assistant. The electronics company could also announce news about these services at the Unpacked Event.

Samsung recently presented two folding phones. You can see what we think of it in the video :

Samsung doesn't want to let competition take the limelight

The fact that Samsung is holding its Unpacked Event on October 20th is not without a certain explosive nature. The day before, Google presented the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro and at the beginning of the week Apple invited to an event where the presentation of new MacBooks is expected. Since the event was recorded beforehand, the South Koreans could easily have pushed the broadcast back a week. Samsung probably didn't want to leave the spotlight to the competition without a fight .


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