Stingy Apple? iPhone 13 Pro proves otherwise

Stingy Apple? iPhone 13 Pro proves otherwise

At least 1,149 euros have to be spent in this country for the iPhone 13 Pro. A proud sum, which has not been increased compared to its direct predecessor. This is surprising because the Pro iPhone costs more to produce than before.

iPhone 13 Pro: higher production costs for Apple

The features of the iPhone 13 Pro are impressive: It includes the new A15 chip, a ProMotion display and, fortunately, a stronger battery. This is also noticeable in the manufacturing costs. According to a new study, the production of the Pro iPhone costs $ 20 more than the iPhone 12 Pro (source: TechInsights).

Despite the higher manufacturing prices, Apple did not, as initially feared, pass the increase on to its customers. The iPhone 13 Pro is initially equipped with a recommended price of 1,149 euros, just like its predecessor. According to a recently published analysis, Apple has to put the equivalent of around 490 euros on the table for each copy of the iPhone 13 Pro. For the iPhone 12 Pro it was around 472 euros. In addition, there are of course other costs for development, marketing, licenses and sales.

Everything you need to know about the iPhone 13 Pro can be found here in the video :

The increase in manufacturing costs from the iPhone 12 Pro to the iPhone 13 Pro is noticeable, but not as pronounced as the increase in the iPhone 12 . With the iPhone 12 there was, among other things, 5G support and a new 5 nm chip. These changes resulted in the iPhone 12 being 21 percent more expensive to manufacture for Apple than the iPhone 11.

Apple stays expensive: competition makes it cheaper

As a direct competitor to Apple, Samsung does not have to dig that deep into its pockets. According to the study, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus will only cost the equivalent of 437 euros to manufacture.


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