Speech to Text: Free speech-to-text for Android & iPhone

Speech to Text: Free speech-to-text for Android & iPhone

Before you look for an app with which you can convert speech into text, you should first check what you already have on your iPhone or Android phone. Actually, both are able to do so without having to install or buy anything.

Incidentally, in Windows you can also convert speech into text and, for example, dictate e-mails:

Android: Automatic transcription

The Google app "Automatic Transcription" is now part of the operating system, but can also be installed later. It offers excellent speech recognition and the simultaneous conversion of speech into text. The app, which was developed in collaboration with Gallaudet University, which specializes in deaf and hard-of-hearing students, supports over 80 different languages.

In addition to voice recognition, the app also offers a sound notification, which is primarily aimed at deaf people: If certain noises are heard in the surroundings, but you cannot hear them yourself or can only hear them poorly , the mobile phone "goes crazy" . It vibrates, the lightning diode flashes and the detected sound is shown on the display.

The app does not need any registration and the recognized texts can be saved for three days if desired. You can easily mark them and transfer them to other apps.

Apple: Dictation can turn speech into text

With "Siri", speech recognition found its way into the iPhone and iPad. Most speech-to-text apps for iOS fall back on it and are actually just expensive UIs for something that's free. The dictation function is part of the operating system and must be activated in the settings. Then you can have your text converted into speech anywhere you would normally write.

How to activate the dictation function to convert speech into text:

Open the system settings and tap on " General ". In the next window tap on " Keyboard ". Then scroll down to " Dictate " and activate the switch at " Activate dictation function ".

You will now receive a message that your voice data - as with Siri - will be sent to Apple and processed there. After you have confirmed this, you can speak anywhere instead of writing. To do this, simply tap the microphone on your keyboard and the recording will start. The function converts speech into text and masters the common punctuation marks so that you can dictate fluently.

If you are concerned about data protection, please consider one thing: Almost all speech-to-text apps available in the App Store use the same interface to Apple. Only very expensive apps such as "Dragon Anywhere" have their own speech recognition that only runs on the device.


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