Sony enters into unexpected cooperation with Chinese smartphone manufacturer

Sony enters into unexpected cooperation with Chinese smartphone manufacturer

What is Sony suddenly planning to do with its smartphones? The Japanese company has now entered into a cooperation with a Chinese manufacturer, which means that you can access their services and perhaps even the interface.

Smartphone manufacturer: Sony and Meizu cooperate

Probably nobody expected this step. Sony Xperia and Meizu Flyme have entered into a strategic partnership. On Weibo, Sony announced that the Japanese company will be the first manufacturer to react to the opening of Flyme and will pre-install the services on its Xperia smartphones to improve the "localized experience" with its smartphones (source: Weibo).

On the Xperia 1 III, Sony will begin to preinstall certain Flyme apps. Some sources even claim that Sony will take over the entire surface of Meizu. Then FlymeOS would run on the smartphones instead of the rather poorly adapted Android version that Sony uses. In the future, new Sony smartphones are to be equipped directly with the extensions from Meizu .

For the time being, all of this probably only applies to China. Sony hopes that the Xperia smartphones will be better received there. There should be no impact on Europe, where Meizu is actually hardly represented. Here Sony relies on a relatively clean Android surface that has been optimized with useful extensions, as we noticed in the test of the Sony Xperia 5 III.

The Sony Xperia 1 III is currently running with the familiar Android interface, as you can see in the video :

Does Sony want to save money on smartphone development?

Should Sony switch completely to Meizu's surface, then that could of course also save a lot of money. The Japanese company would then basically no longer have to worry about updates and would only have to build the hardware. So it could also be an experiment to get a little more profitable in the business. The disadvantage, of course, would be that you have to rely on Meizu. Any negative development rubs off directly on Sony.


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