Sony Announces Breakthrough Xperia Smartphone

Sony Announces Breakthrough Xperia Smartphone

What is Sony going to do? For a few days, the Japanese company has been teasing a new Xperia smartphone, for which no leaks at all have leaked so far. Now Sony has released a short video that increases the tension even more.

Sony is planning the best camera smartphone

After Google presented an Android smartphone with unique camera functions with the Pixel 6 Pro, Sony could go one better in the coming week. So far, we only know that the Japanese company will unveil a new Xperia smartphone on October 26th. Now a short video has been published in which the focus is probably on the most important sales argument - the camera:

The description of the video on YouTube says, " Don't miss the unveiling of our groundbreaking new Xperia ... ". We are currently not expecting a new smartphone from Sony. The Xperia 1 III and Xperia 5 III were revealed just a few months ago and have recently hit the market. So this has to be a completely new Xperia model with even more focus on the camera.

It is quite possible that another Xperia Pro model is planned for which professional users are the target group . The Japanese company has already moved there with the Xperia 1 III. It would then also be appropriate to talk to people in the video who produce content and need a good camera.

But so far nothing has really leaked what exactly awaits us from Sony. So it could be a real surprise . There hasn't been anything like it on the smartphone market for a long time. Usually everything is known in advance.

Sony is moving in a positive direction

The Xperia 5 III recently proved that Sony does not want to and should not give up the smartphone market. This smartphone basically offers everything you would expect from a compact high-end smartphone. The main disadvantage of Sony phones is that you have to wait months for the market launch . So what Sony will show next week might not be on the market until 2022. We are excited.


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