Smartwatch for less than 10 euros: China manufacturer lures with insane price

Smartwatch for less than 10 euros: China manufacturer lures with insane price

Cheaper than some pizza: If you have always had a smartwatch but didn't want to dig deep into your pocket, you can buy it now. Thanks to the discount code, the feature-rich watch from a China manufacturer is available for less than 10 euros. However, buyers have to make some compromises.

Smartwatches from well-known manufacturers such as Apple or Samsung cost several hundred euros. The Aukey LS02 cannot keep up with the range of functions of an Apple Watch or Galaxy Watch. But the smartwatch only costs a fraction.

Aukey offers Smartwatch for 9.99 euros

For a dirt cheap 9.99 euros (see at Aukey), those interested can buy the smartwatch now. This is made possible by the discount code "TS40LS02", which must be entered during the payment process . This reduces the price from the regular 49.99 euros to under 10 euros. We tested it - it works.

Shipping costs do not have to be paid and can be paid via PayPal, Visa and Mastercard, Google or Apple Pay, among other things . Aukey also advertises with a quick mind from Germany and free returns within 30 days.

What you should know before buying a smartwatch is explained in the video :

Aukey LS02: More fitness tracker than smartwatch

Of course, buyers of the Aukey LS02 have to live with some drawbacks that are not found in more expensive smartwatches - at a price of less than 10 euros, this shouldn't come as a surprise. In terms of functionality , the Smartwatch can be compared more with a drilled-out fitness tracker à la Xiaomi Mi Band . This means above all: recording of sporting activities (12 in total), display of messages or sleep tracking. Everything is nicely presented graphically in the Aukey app. However, it is not possible to install third-party apps.

After all: the 1.4-inch display has a resolution of 320 x 320 pixels, splash protection according to IP68 is integrated and there is Bluetooth 5.0 for connection to the mobile phone. Both Android smartphones (from Android 4.4) and the iPhone (from iOS 8.0) are compatible. Aukey even promises to control the music playlist on the wrist.

For less than 10 euros you can treat yourself to it - and if you don't like it, either send it back or give it to your relatives as a cheap Christmas present.


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