Smallest Mac in the world: Apple computers in size XS - what an idea

Smallest Mac in the world: Apple computers in size XS - what an idea

Even smaller than the Mac mini? Not available from Apple, not yet. Because the following concept of a "Mac nano" literally cries out to be implemented, this is so ingenious. The only question left is: does Apple dare and have the courage to build something like this?

Since the Mac mini was first presented over 16 years ago, it has held the place of the smallest Mac. The mini is not that tiny, if you're being honest. After all, the current dimensions of the Apple computer of 19.7 x 19.7 x 3.6 centimeters and the weight of 1.2 kilograms are still not too big for a desktop computer these days, but it should actually be smaller , or?

Mac nano instead of Mac mini? Apple's smallest number in the concept

Is it possible, at least according to the will of the Brazilian designer "Renato Ramos Bogo", who has built a "Mac nano" for us as a modern alternative in his virtual workshop (source: Behance). The basic idea: at least since Apple's M1 chip, Macs no longer have to be that big. After all, the iPhones with the underlying Apple A14 are at almost the same level of performance. Ergo: The computing power fits into a much smaller housing .

The Mac nano therefore only needs a square base of 6.5 x 6.5 centimeters and has a height of only 0.765 centimeters. In short: half an iPhone, just without a display and all the other expensive technologies like a 5G modem, etc. You don't need it.

There are three Thunderbolt / USB-4 ports for connecting peripherals such as monitors and more, to which the external power supply unit can then also be connected. Logical: The Mac nano is so tiny that there is no space for an integrated power supply. Maybe the tiny Mac could even get by with the iPhone charger (20 watts) - somehow clever. The Mac nano would ultimately be Apple's answer to the well-known Raspberry Pie, just without the handicrafts.

You could always have such a Mac with you in your pocket . Just connect a display, mouse, trackpad and keyboard - done. Incidentally, an iPad (wireless) could also function as an external monitor, so you don't have to search for one on site all the time.

The Mac mini is currently the smallest Mac:

Would you prefer an iPhone with macOS as an alternative?

However ... wouldn't an iPad or iPhone with macOS be the easier choice? Would it be if Apple had an interest in it. Technically, porting would be possible without any problems, after all, macOS and iOS now share the same platform. However, Apple also wants to sell the Mac separately - for the sake of the money.

This then brings us to the price of the Mac nano . The designer and creator of the exciting design has 199 US dollars in mind. Oha! Dreamed too early, as tempting as the offer would be, Apple is likely to charge at least twice that amount - $ 399 . Then Apple would perhaps also dare to bring the tiny model onto the market, but the offer would still be attractive. xiaomist thinks that such a Mac nano would also be the ideal computer for the price-sensitive education market. For Apple it has always been one of the preferred target groups.


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