Singles Day 2021: Amazon starts with October offers

Singles Day 2021: Amazon starts with October offers

11/11 the largest shopping event in the world takes place, Singles Day. Amazon is already countering with the October offers. If you have never heard of the big shopping day, you will find all the information about offers, participating retailers and more in this article.

Singles Day 2021: Amazon countered with October deals

If you are in a particularly hurry to buy gifts, you should stop by Amazon at the moment. It's only mid-October, Black Friday and Christmas are still a few weeks away, but the world's largest online retailer already has first offers in stock and Echo smart speakers, Fire TV sticks and other Amazon devices and Bestsellers massively reduced in price. These are the highlights:

Echo Dot (3rd generation) for 24.99 euros (instead of 49.99 euros MSRP) Echo Dot (4th generation) for 34.99 euros (instead of 59.99 euros MSRP) Fire TV Stick 4K for 34.99 euros ( instead of 59.99 euros RRP) Fire HD 10 tablet for 104.99 euros (instead of 149.99 euros RRP) Fire HD 8 kids tablet for 84.99 euros (instead of 134.99 euros RRP) Echo Show 5 (2nd generation) for 54.99 euros (instead of 84.99 euros RRP) Echo Show 8 (1st generation) for 64.99 euros (instead of 109.99 euros RRP) Kindle Paperwhite (10th generation) for 84.99 euros (instead of 119. 99 euros RRP) Audible audiobooks: 60 days free for Prime members (after that 9.95 euros per month, can be canceled at any time)

When will Singles Day 2021 take place in Germany?

As every year, Singles Day takes place on November 11th. instead of. The reason: The 1 stands for the single who is supposed to celebrate and give himself presents on this day. This also explains the typical Singles Day discount campaigns such as "111 smartphones for 1 euro", which are offered every year alongside many other offers.

Date for this year's Singles Day: Thursday, November 11th, 2021

The shopping event, which originally came from China, brings retailers a turnover in the billions every year - and has meanwhile also established itself in Germany . Experience has shown that the first deals start on the weekend before November 11th, this year on November 6th and 7th, 2021 . We will of course keep you up to date on the best Singles Day offers.

Set up a calendar date for Singles Day here:

Google Calendar Windows / Apple Calendar, Outlook, Thunderbird etc.

What is Singles Day?

Anyone who thinks that Black Friday is the day with the highest turnover for online retail is wrong: Singles Day flushes even more money into the coffers - especially in China - and is therefore considered the biggest shopping day in the world . As a day for single people, it originated in some Chinese universities in the 90s and then became a tradition that numerous retailers jumped on - especially the Chinese online retailer Alibaba, but now also many large and small shops in this country.

Have you never heard of Singles Day? All information in 2 minutes summarized in the video :

Singles Day 2021: Which dealers are taking part?

Last year over 50 online shops took part in Singles Day, and a few more will probably be added in 2021. The most important are:

MediaMarkt : The Singles Day campaign page is already available, offers will follow. Last year, a club membership (free of charge) was required to take part in the discount promotion. It is still unclear whether this will also be the case in 2021. Saturn : The Singles Day page is also available at Saturn, but deals are only published at the beginning of the event. As with MediaMarkt, you could only access the offers at Saturn 2020 as a Club member. Teufel : The audio expert from Berlin is promising the "top deals of the year" on Singles Day. Lidl : The discounter turned the price screw in its online shop on last year's Singles Day and also cut the shipping costs. Let's see what awaits us in 2021. Otto : Last year there was an 11 percent discount on selected multimedia products. In particular, televisions were thus available at an extremely low price. Galeria Kaufhof : There was a 22 percent discount on almost everything last year, maybe even higher savings in 2021. Notebook cheaper : Last year there were 11 exclusive deals for Singles Day, a similar promotion is likely for 2021. eBay : eBay granted a 20 percent discount on all items from selected sellers on Singles Day 2020. Euronics : Here, too, there was a colorful mix, from gaming to household items, bargain hunters should be ready on 11/11/2021. Alibaba, AliExpress, Gearbest and other China shops: Of course, most will be going on here on Singles Day. However, the offers for the European market are only conditionally recommendable, as they can be associated with long delivery times, possible customs duties and costly returns.

With these tips you will become the ultimate bargain expert. Bet you don't know all the tricks yet?

Singles Day 2021: What offers will there be?

Of course, we cannot predict the specific offers on Singles Day 2021 , but if you look at the best deals in recent years, price reductions in these product categories are likely:

Smartphones, tablets and smartwatches from Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei and Co. But: Since many retailers offer a discount on almost the entire (tech) range, Apple bargains are also very likely. PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and Xbox: Last year there were really good deals, both for consoles and games. So it is very likely that video game enthusiasts will get their money's worth again in 2021 PC gaming and home office: Offers for PC hardware, accessories and software can also be expected on Singles Day 2021. TV and entertainment : If your home theater can still use an upgrade, you should definitely keep an eye on the offers on Singles Day 2021. Kitchen and household: whether fully automatic coffee machines, air purifiers, vacuum robots or electric toothbrushes - if you are planning a larger purchase or want to retrofit, you will also find tons of bargains in this category on Singles Day 2021.


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