Sharp: lightweight Android cell phone relies on a unique display

Sharp: lightweight Android cell phone relies on a unique display

For a 5G mobile phone as light as a feather and also with a particularly fluid display: Sharp has presented the new Android mobile phone Aquos Zero 6 in Japan. The refresh rate is a full 240 Hertz - because Sharp has come up with a trick.

Sharp Aquos Zero 6 presented with 240 Hertz

Sharp has presented an unusual smartphone that aims to stand out from the competition in several areas. The focus is clearly on the display, which is equipped with a refresh rate of 240 Hertz. This should enable smoother scrolling . But that's not the whole truth, because it actually remains at 120 Hertz, which is also worth seeing.

The manufacturer relies on a little trick, because in addition to the 120 frames per second, there are also 120 black frames . These are not visible to the human eye, but are intended to ensure even smoother movements. The OLED display itself has a diagonal of 6.4 inches and has a resolution of 2,340 x 1,080 pixels.

Although the Aquos Zero 6 is a 5G smartphone because of the Snapdragon 750G processor, the phone only weighs 146 grams and is only 7.9 mm thick. Only the small iPhone 13 mini is a little lighter at 141 grams, but only measures 5.4 inches.

The battery of the waterproof Aquos Zero 6 has a capacity of 4,010 mAh . Android 11 is preinstalled, 128 GB of permanent storage and 8 GB of RAM are available (source: Sharp).

In the video : That's why a high frame rate is worthwhile.

Sharp Aquos Zero 6 only available in Japan

Sharp only wants to offer the new cell phone in its home market of Japan . The manufacturer has not explained whether and when the smartphone will also be available in Europe. The price has not yet been determined either.


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