Samsung smartwatch: the new generation will be completely different

Samsung smartwatch: the new generation will be completely different

Samsung has just launched two new smartwatches, the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, but development continues. Especially in the area of ​​battery life, a new technology should bring the breakthrough.

Samsung is planning a smartwatch with a solar bracelet

The test of the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic showed that the battery life of the brand new smartwatch is okay, but that you can quickly reach the limit in certain situations. Samsung is now working on a new idea that will solve this problem. A patent has now revealed that Samsung is developing a solar bracelet that will always charge the watch without an external power supply when rays of the sun hit it.

The technical implementation of this idea is pretty ingenious. According to this, Samsung wants to place small "solar batteries" on both sides, which consist of a polymer with quantum dots and thus capture the light. The structure can be seen in the drawing, while in the final version you should hardly see anything of it. Since Samsung relies on different types of solar cells with different wavelength bands, a particularly high level of efficiency should be achieved . At least that's the plan.

In the end, the Samsung smartwatch with solar bracelet should be able to be fully charged in just a few hours if the watch is in the sun or if it is not worn outdoors. This could have a very large effect on the running time, especially in summer, when you are active with the watch and it is not covered.

The brand new Samsung smartwatches presented in the video :

Samsung applied for a patent in 2019

It is currently unclear when the new technology could be used in a Samsung smartwatch. Samsung filed the patent in mid-2019. But only now has it been published. If the idea works the way it is explained here, that would be a really big improvement for the whole industry and would solve a problem of modern smartwatches.


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