Samsung mistake: forced apps from Russia landed on European mobile phones

Samsung mistake: forced apps from Russia landed on European mobile phones

You can find all kinds of different apps on Samsung smartphones. But if you carry out an update and suddenly a European smartphone shows that apps from Russia are being installed, which are probably required there, then you should be worried. That's exactly what happened now.

Samsung releases incorrect update with Russian apps

You don't want to experience such a mistake on your own body. In the UK, someone bought a used Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 (for testing) and performed a software update. In the description of the update, Samsung always states which changes will be made. Then the new owner noticed that something was written there with "mandatory apps of the government of the Russian Federation". The man turned to Samsung out of fear and received an explanation after various contact points, reports the BBC.

Accordingly, Samsung in Great Britain played out the wrong software update for some users that was actually intended for Russia. Since April 2021, certain rules have been in place in Russia that Samsung must adhere to. The release of the update with the forced apps and other changes in the UK was a mistake and the company apologized for this to the people concerned.

Security experts criticize Samsung's approach. You don't know how many users have received the wrong update . Samsung says that allegedly no apps from Russia were installed on the devices, but the affected devices continue to indicate that the wrong software is still installed there. Changes in the background cannot be seen at all. So the case remains open.

The new folding smartphones from Samsung presented in the video :

Fake software updates don't just happen to Samsung

It is not the first time that a fake software update has been sent to smartphones. Something like this has already happened to various manufacturers. Then in the best case you only get an update for a different region that doesn't break anything. But there have been cases where the cell phones were damaged by the update. What is explosive about this story is that compulsory apps by the Russian government have been installed . That shouldn't happen to Samsung again in Europe.


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