Samsung makes more smartphones faster: Turbo function is expanding

Samsung makes more smartphones faster: Turbo function is expanding

Samsung has started rolling out a really interesting new feature for more of its Galaxy smartphones. This can have a positive effect on the performance of the devices in certain situations.

Samsung: "RAM Plus" function discovered in more smartphones

Not so long ago, Chinese smartphone manufacturers began adding additional memory to their own devices. Internal memory is split off and made available as working memory when the normal RAM is full. Samsung recently unlocked exactly this function in the brand new Galaxy A52s 5G. Contrary to previous expectations, this function is not only intended for entry-level and mid-range smartphones , as SamMobile has discovered.

Samsung has even given the Galaxy Z Fold 3 an additional 4 GB of "RAM Plus" memory with 12 GB of dedicated memory. This smartphone will probably never need the additional RAM, but it shows that all Samsung devices will probably receive the additional RAM. Especially with entry-level smartphones with 2 to 4 GB of RAM, this could actually trigger a turbo in certain situations and take some of the load off the full dedicated RAM.

Of course, internal memory is not as fast as dedicated memory, but it could still make the difference whether a smartphone stutters and causes problems when the memory is full. It is not yet possible to configure the function . So you can't decide whether to use the "RAM Plus" function.

The two folding smartphones from Samsung in the video :

More Samsung smartphones are likely to follow

Samsung is likely to distribute the "RAM Plus" function piece by piece on its smartphones. Interestingly, the company didn't specifically announce the feature, so we do n't know exactly what the schedule looks like . However, you can check the memory settings yourself to see whether the "RAM-Plus" function is already activated there.


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