Samsung, LG and Co: Listen, televisions have to get "stupid" again

Samsung, LG and Co: Listen, televisions have to get

Smart TVs have been on everyone's lips for a number of years. A television set without an internet connection? Nowadays no longer imaginable and actually no longer available from manufacturers such as Samsung and Co. However, I think TVs have to get "stupid" again, for good reasons.

How I can still live with a "dog-old" LG TV

My LG TV set has been around for a few years, at least by today's fast-paced standards. A lot can happen in over six years. At the beginning of 2015, for example, the iPhone 6 was still the dream of all Apple fans and the PS4 only had a year to warm up. For quite a few people, these technical eyewitnesses are already scrap heap, but my television is on and on.

The design is always chic and superior to some new devices, resolution and screen size (full HD, 47 inches) absolutely sufficient for me. In addition, the sound is good enough for the living room. What is no longer up-to-date at all, however , is the so-called "smart" part of the television - the operating system (an earlier iteration of webOS for LG) is creepingly slow. The same applies to apps, for example from streaming services. At first I still used it, but soon I changed saddles.

In order to keep up with the Smart TV experience, I didn't buy a completely new TV, but always the latest Fire TV Stick from Amazon . The 4K model of the Fire TV Stick is currently doing its job for me. Not because of the potentially higher resolution, which is of no use to me, but because of the computing power and the associated speed.

I can only see the LG TV's operating system when I switch between the inputs and change the volume. The TV signal also came and comes from an external cable receiver. In short: the former smart TV became a stupid, but still wonderfully functioning display with speakers.

With a Fire TV Stick, an old Smart TV is brought back into the present. The following information in the video is useful :

Hey Samsung and Co: The modular TV is finally needed

This gives me an idea: Why should I always buy a completely new television set, why can't the manufacturers separate the display and the "heart"? Quasi equivalent to the PC, where you also choose a modular display and computer and swap them out if necessary.

In principle, this would also be possible with televisions. A first, cautious approach to such a consideration is already available at Samsung, among other things with "The Frame". The TV in picture frame design has an external box that is only connected to the display by a thin cable and has all connections ready .

If you think about this further, the entire computing power of the TV could be accommodated in such a box. If necessary, it would then be possible to replace this part alone, but the display can still be used.

My thoughts on the weekend: The column would like to provide food for thought and reflect the "flood of news" of the week towards the end. A small selection of the previous articles in the column:

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This would have many advantages for the user and the world itself: You don't have to buy a completely new television every time - it saves money and is fully in line with sustainability. So there is less garbage and you still don't lose touch - literally and figuratively.

But I can already hear the prophecies of doom: something like this will never catch on. Manufacturers earn less money with it. Or also: where is your problem? Just keep buying a Fire TV Stick or, more recently, the alternative from Roku.

Everything is correct, but why should I pay a large part of a TV every time when I just want to swap the "heart"? Or vice versa. The display gives up, so only this module is replaced with a new one and not the rest of the purchase. I admit that the modular concept requires courage on both sides - manufacturers and customers. But hand on heart: it works in other areas too. Or do we all just buy iMacs and similar all-in-one computers and then always replace them completely? I do not think so.


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