Samsung is breaking new ground: doubling it twice unlocks better

Samsung is breaking new ground: doubling it twice unlocks better

Samsung's folding cell phones suffer from a problem that makes everyday use unnecessarily difficult. The South Koreans have now shown a solution for this in a patent application. The new feature could already find its way into the Galaxy Z Fold 4.

Despite the many improvements that Samsung has given the Galaxy Z Fold 3, one problem still remains: the foldable smartphone can only be unlocked via the side of the case, only there is a fingerprint sensor integrated into the frame. The electronics company seems to be working on a solution.

Samsung is working on a smartphone with a double-sided fingerprint sensor

This is indicated by a patent application that has now become known (source Let's Go Digital). There is talk of a double-sided in-display fingerprint sensor , which works equally well in the closed and unfolded state. How this could look in practice can be seen in this picture:

The double-sided fingerprint sensor would enable unlocking on the cover display as well as on the left side of the folding screen . Quite a clever solution that Samsung shows here. In addition to unlocking, such a function would also be a boon for all other purposes in which a fingerprint is necessary - for example, for payment processes, the automatic filling of passwords or other authentication processes.

What we think of the Galaxy Z Fold 3, we show in the video :

Enough time to equip the Galaxy Z Fold 4 with a new feature

It is not yet clear when Samsung will launch such a folding cell phone with a double-sided in-display fingerprint sensor. The patent application itself was submitted to the World Patent Application Office (WIPO) at the end of March 2021 and recently made public. This would give Samsung enough time to implement this feature in a Galaxy Z Fold 4 . The next generation of Samsung's folding smartphone is expected in late summer 2022.


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