Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra: Hardly anyone will make this decision

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra: Hardly anyone will make this decision

Samsung will not only present the answer to the iPhone 13 with the Galaxy S22 in a few months, but also a new high-end Android tablet beforehand. A controversial design from Apple is used before the competitor even uses it in this product category.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra gets a notch

With the Galaxy Tab S7 and Tab S7 Plus, Samsung has two very successful Android tablets on the market. With the Galaxy Tab S8 series, successors have been announced for some time, whereby Samsung will be offering an even larger and technically better equipped model for the first time with an Ultra model. In addition, new details have emerged. Samsung wants to integrate a notch in the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra . According to a leaker, the tablet should then look like this:

This 3D render was created on the basis of CAD drawings from production. So we see the notch on the side at the front. So you should hold the tablet in landscape format when making video calls or taking a selfie. The USB port is not located on the opposite side, but rather on the short side for use in portrait format.

A notch is supposed to ensure that the display edges of a device are thinner . And that's exactly what Samsung does with the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra. In combination with the 14.6-inch display, it will be a huge Android tablet, but it still looks relatively compact and thin.

For comparison: In the video you can see the Galaxy Tab S7 without a notch:

Apple does not use the notch on the iPad

Apple recently brought the notch from the iPhone to the MacBook Pro. Perhaps the next step would be the iPad to make the edges even thinner and to significantly revise the look. However, both manufacturers also have to ensure that the tablet can still be held comfortably in the hand. A bit of margin is necessary for this.


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