Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra has appeared in a completely new design

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra has appeared in a completely new design

Although the launch of the Galaxy S22 Ultra is still a few months away, more and more rumors are surfacing about Samsung's upcoming high-end smartphone. This time it's about a completely new design for the camera, which has never been seen before.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra completely without camera hump?

Just a few days ago, different designs of the upcoming Galaxy S22 Ultra appeared. All were based on the fact that Samsung would like to build a neat camera hump in which the sensors protrude from the rear of the case. Another source now claims to show the actual back of the Galaxy S22 Ultra . There the smartphone looks completely different in the picture below:

Accordingly, you will no longer get a large camera unit with a large hump, where the individual sensors are housed together, but only individual recesses. Depending on the sensor, the individual cameras could protrude more or less from the housing. Whether that would really be the better solution remains to be seen. It would of course be better if Samsung basically took over the design of the Galaxy S21 Ultra (for testing) and only removed the elevation. Then you would have completely removed yourself from the camera hump.

The new design is only supposed to be available on the Galaxy S22 Ultra, which is also equipped with an S Pen that can actually be inserted into the case. This would mean that Samsung would split the series up a bit. The Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 Plus would remain classic smartphones, while the Galaxy S22 Ultra is a successor to the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

In the video we introduce you to the current Galaxy S21 generation from Samsung:

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is expected to come in 2022

When exactly Samsung will unveil the new Galaxy S22 smartphones is currently not so clear. A few weeks ago December 2021 was still in the room, then it should be January 2022 and now everything looks more like February 2022. So it remains exciting and there is still plenty of time to evaluate new leaks.


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