Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra: a back full of questions

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra: a back full of questions

What will the Galaxy S22 Ultra look like? The back of the new Samsung smartphone in particular is a mystery. There are now even three designs in circulation, all of which feature a different set of cameras. The latest leak is the most elegant so far.

According to the latest reports, Samsung will officially present the new Galaxy S22 series in February 2022. There is not much time left for the South Koreans to produce millions of the presumably three models (Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22 Plus and Galaxy S22 Ultra) by the deadline. The executive suite will soon have to approve a final design for the smartphone series. With the top model, of all things, that could be more difficult than expected.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra: Three different camera modules are in circulation

Three designs of the Galaxy S22 Ultra are currently circulating in the rumor mill, all of which have a different camera unit on the back. At first there was talk of a rather strange looking camera module à la Tetris block, then of two smaller units in pill form and now Let's Go Digital surprises with a camera batch that is reminiscent of raindrops (Source: Let's Go Digital) .

The different backs of the Galaxy S22 Ultra at a glance:

All three designs have their own charm and should look even better live than on these rendered images . In our opinion, the raindrop design looks the most elegant, but tastes are known to be different. The other two versions are also undoubtedly real eye-catchers.

Samsung recently presented the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3. In the video we show the highlights:

Younger Samsung smartphones have a similar design

The question remains: what will the back of the Galaxy S22 Ultra look like? The well-known insider "Ice Universe" on Twitter is sure that Samsung will opt for the third design with the raindrops. Younger Samsung smartphones such as the Galaxy Z Flip 3 (video above) also have a camera module in this look, while others do not.

So we will find out at the beginning of next year whether it will really turn out that way.


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