Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus: Top smartphone disappoints with the battery

Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus: Top smartphone disappoints with the battery

With the Galaxy S22, S22 Plus and S22, Samsung has to bring ultra high-end smartphones onto the market that are selling well. At the moment, however, the company seems to be working hard to ensure that exactly the opposite occurs. When it comes to the battery, savings are made instead of bulky.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus: Battery is getting smaller too

Just yesterday we reported that the battery in the Galaxy S22 was getting smaller. It has now been assumed that Samsung only does this with the smallest model. But exactly the opposite is the case. Samsung will also downsize the battery on the Galaxy S22 Plus. The Galaxy S22's battery has been reduced from 4,000 mAh to 3,700 mAh compared to its predecessor. The capacity of the Galaxy S22 Plus drops from 4,800 mAh in the Galaxy S21 Plus to just 4,500 mAh (source: MyFixGuide). So you lose 300 mAh each time.

This will inevitably affect the battery life of the Galaxy S22 Plus. No matter how efficient the new processor and the display of the new Samsung smartphone are, the battery capacity primarily determines its runtime. Apple has impressively demonstrated this this year with the iPhone 13 series. While Apple is increasing the size of the batteries and massively increasing the battery life, even though a 120 Hz display has been installed, Samsung is making the batteries smaller and inevitably reducing the battery life of the new generation.

One can only hope that the slightly smaller displays that Samsung uses in the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 Plus can compensate for this fact. However, many experts believe that Samsung is doing itself a disservice.

Technologically, Xiaomi is more and more overtaking Samsung. In the video you can see the difference:

Samsung Galaxy S21: disappointing sales figures

Actually, Samsung should do everything to ensure that the Galaxy S22 is a success. After all, the Galaxy S21 has sold worse than the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S10. If Samsung continues to save on the top smartphones, the new generation will hardly be successful either.


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