Samsung Galaxy S21: You don t have to wait long for Android 12

Samsung Galaxy S21: You don t have to wait long for Android 12

The wait will soon be over: Owners of the Samsung Galaxy S21 should receive an update to Android 12 including One UI 4.0 in just a few weeks. A lot has changed on Samsung smartphones with the new software version.

After Google recently completed Android 12, it is now the turn of manufacturers such as Samsung to adapt the latest Android version to their smartphones and tablets and make it available for download. This process can take a few months. Fortunately, owners of a Samsung Galaxy S21 don't have to wait that long.

Samsung Galaxy S21 will receive an update to Android 12 including One UI 4.0 in December

The update to Android 12 including One UI 4.0 is to be rolled out in December , as an employee has now revealed in a Samsung forum (source: Tizenhelp). It is difficult to give a clear time frame. But they are working actively with local cell phone providers and it is likely that the update will be available "by December at the latest".

Important to know: The forum employee's answer referred to South Korean models of the Galaxy S21. After the rollout in Samsung's home country, experience shows that it does not take long before the update is also released in other countries. With a little luck , European owners of the Galaxy S21 should also receive Android 12 including One UI 4.0 in December - especially since the second beta version of the update is already available in this country.

We show in the video which innovations Android 12 brings with it:

Android 12 brings a fresh look and new functions

With Android 12, there are many innovations on Samsung smartphones. Above all, the smartphone should become more individual and give the user more options for their own design . There are also useful improvements in terms of privacy and data protection, revised notifications and quick settings, and much more. There is an overview of the most important functions in the video above.


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