Samsung Galaxy S21 with Telekom tariff 100 euros cheaper than without a contract

Samsung Galaxy S21 with Telekom tariff 100 euros cheaper than without a contract

If you happen to want to buy a Samsung Galaxy S21, you should take a look at what MediaMarkt has to offer. The current top smartphone with a Telekom tariff is around 100 euros cheaper than buying the device without a contract.

Samsung Galaxy S21 with Telekom tariff for 19.99 euros per month

At MediaMarkt there is currently an incredibly good tariff offer with the Samsung Galaxy S21. There is a smartphone with a Telekom tariff, 6 GB LTE data volume and telephone flat rate for a mere 19.99 euros per month (check it out at MediaMarkt). You pay a one-time fee of 49 euros for the smartphone and a connection price of 39.99 euros. That makes a total of 568.75 euros . The currently cheapest Galaxy S21 in the price comparison costs 669 euros. So you save 100 euros and even get a good tariff.

Tariff deal in the over-shift:

Provider: Mobilcom-Debitel Network: Telekom Allnet-Flat in all German networks LTE data volume: 6 GB (25 Mbit / s) EU roaming including basic fee per month: 19.99 euros Provision fee: 39.99 euros Data automatic: no Smartphone: 49 euros surcharge shipping costs: 0 euros

What is missing? There is no SMS flat rate included. With WhatsApp, Signal and Co. you have a free alternative and can communicate well with them.

Alternatives in the Vodafone or o2 network with Samsung Galaxy S21

Those who do not want the Telekom network can also choose the Vodafone network (see MediaMarkt) or o2 (see MediaMarkt) for the same price. In the Vodafone network there is only 5 GB , while in the O2 network 12 GB LTE data volume is available and you also get a flat rate SMS. So you have to think carefully about what suits you best.

For whom is this tariff deal with the Samsung Galaxy S21 worthwhile?

Basically for everyone who wants a top smartphone with a good camera, long battery life, great display and a long update guarantee. You really save 100 euros here if you take out this tariff instead of buying the smartphone individually. You can find out more about the Galaxy S21 in our review. But you shouldn't wait too long, the deal can be sold out at any time.


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