Samsung Galaxy A53: New details about the next mid-range star emerged

Samsung Galaxy A53: New details about the next mid-range star emerged

Samsung is currently not only working on the Galaxy S22, but is also developing a new mid-range cell phone with the Galaxy A53. Compared to the Galaxy A52, a lot should actually change, as has now become known.

Samsung Galaxy A53 with 120 Hz display

This year, Samsung installed mid-range displays that support a higher refresh rate for the first time. With the Galaxy A52, however, it was only 90 Hz. Only the 5G model (for testing) and the newer A52s 5G were directly equipped with 120 Hz displays. That will change with the Galaxy A53. This time, Samsung wants to start directly with 120 Hz (source: Notebookcheck).

Samsung also has to react to the market, because Xiaomi is planning the Redmi Note 11, a mid-range smartphone that also has 120 Hz on board. Accordingly, Samsung will be in a real head-to-head race with the Chinese competition with the Galaxy A53. The new Samsung cell phone should also be even more colorful. Four colors are already known: black, white, light blue and orange. The latter is brand new and should be a real eye-catcher.

As with the competition, Samsung will only rely on 5G in the future. For the Galaxy A53 this means that the 4G version will no longer be available and will no longer be built. The differences in the middle class will be smaller and should then be limited to the size of the display. There is no upgrade for the camera, however. Here it should stay at 64 MP. The software could, however, still be fine-tuned.

The current version can convince in the test, as we show you in the video :

Samsung Galaxy A53: Presentation in a few months

The presentation of the Galaxy A52 series wasn't long ago. That is why the Galaxy A53 series is not expected to be presented until mid-March 2022 - if Samsung adheres to the previous rhythm. Until then, more details are likely to emerge.


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