Samsung: Android tablets get faster thanks to the turbo function

Samsung: Android tablets get faster thanks to the turbo function

Some time ago, Samsung started to integrate a function into its Android smartphones that can be equated with a small turbo mode. If you come to the performance limit, the device is given some breathing space. Exactly this "RAM Plus" function is also integrated in Android tablets and there the effect could be even greater.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 gets more memory

Chinese manufacturers have started and Samsung quickly adopted the virtual memory function. Some smartphones from the South Korean manufacturer have been equipped with the "RAM Plus" function for a few weeks. This provides virtual memory that can be called up when required. Now, with the Galaxy Tab S6, the first Android tablet has been equipped with the function (source: Caschy).

As with smartphones, the "RAM Plus" function should primarily benefit entry-level and mid-range tablets. There is usually relatively little native memory installed there, so that you quickly reach the performance limit when using several apps at the same time. This little turbo function creates more air and can use some of the internal memory to improve the performance through the virtual memory . An additional 4 GB is available for smartphones. Unfortunately, the source does not say whether this also applies to tablets.

If you consider that some Samsung tablets only have 2 or 3 GB of RAM, they would benefit a lot from the additional RAM. The Galaxy Tab S6 also has "only" 4 GB of RAM. The effect could also have a positive effect here . If it weren't for that, Samsung wouldn't suddenly be adding the feature to so many devices.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 presented in the video :

Samsung is making the "RAM Plus" function in Android 12 standard

Samsung is currently distributing the update with the "RAM Plus" function occasionally with the monthly security update. The function should become standard with Android 12 at the latest. It will therefore take some time until all devices are supplied.


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