Revolution in the network of o2: Provider is turning around with 5G

Revolution in the network of o2: Provider is turning around with 5G

o2 has set ambitious goals for building its own 5G network. In four years' time, all customers in Germany should be able to use the fast mobile communications standard. Now you are making a U-turn with the basic technology.

o2 must further expand and optimize its 5G network in order to keep the promises from the last frequency auction. Theoretically, the whole of Germany should be able to dial into the o2 5G network by 2025. To do this, the mobile phone provider relies on new technology.

All-in-one antennas are to take O2's 5G network to a new level

In Munich, o2 has put the first "all-in-one" antennas for mobile communications into operation (source: Telefónica / o2). Not only can they support a single mobile communications standard - as was previously the case with CO2 at least - but they also cover large parts of the previous spectrum. Instead of one antenna for 2G (GSM), one for 4G (LTE) and a new one for 5G, the new devices should combine everything.

The high-range frequency bands at 700 MHz for 5G, 800 MHz for 4G and 900 MHz for 2G are broadcast as well as the previous core range for 5G by o2 in the frequency band at 3.6 GHz. This also applies to the other 4G frequencies. The all-in-one antennas for the new technology come from Huawei.

According to o2, one advantage is to come about through the combination of the frequency bands: The 5G network will be even faster, which is also due to the direct connection between the end device and cellular cell through beam technology. Here, the mobile radio signal is sent to the end device in a targeted manner, instead of being distributed in a circle around the antenna.

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o2 deviates from the old path - a late insight?

With "pure 5G", ie the distribution of the high-speed mobile communications standard exclusively over frequencies in the 3.6 GHz range, O2 was recently able to set an exclamation mark against the competition . When comparing the 5G networks, the best download speeds were achieved.

With the all-in-one antennas, o2 now seems to want to leave the path it has taken so far in the foreseeable future. The all-rounder antennas from Huawei are intended to accelerate the expansion and save costs in operation - and support frequencies for area coverage better than before. However, the more people choose 5G, the greater the challenge will be to ensure top speeds at all times. We are curious to see whether o2 will succeed as planned.


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