Redmi Smart Band Pro the new Xiaomi smart bracelet that will be presented on the 28th

Xiaomi will soon not only launch the new Redmi Watch 2, but will also launch a new cheaper fitness tracker bracelet, the Redmi Smart Band Pro .

Redmi Smart Band Pro the smart bracelet that nobody expected

banda inteligente redmi pro

This new bracelet will be presented on October 28 , along with the Redmi Note 11, the Redmi Watch 2 and surely some surprise that we still do not know!

This new watch has been known thanks to Roland Quandt, which has allowed us to see its design in detail with several images .

Design and features Redmi Smart Band Pro

smart band redmi pro

As you can see, this new Redmi Smart Band Pro looks similar to the Mi Band 6, but wider. It has no physical button on either side.

  • It has interchangeable bracelets as is usual in this type of watches or bracelets.

At the bottom is the gadget's sensor and two charging pins, which will use a specific charger and you will not be able to use it in other watches of the brand or vice versa.

smart band redmi pro

Redmi Smart Band Pro - Price and launch

At the moment, only the images of this new Redmi watch have been filtered. To know all the features and prices, we will have to wait for the launch on October 28 at the Xiaomi event.


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