Rebirth of an Apple cult product: Currently sold out

Rebirth of an Apple cult product: Currently sold out

Quite a few Apple fans miss them to this day: Apple's iconic socks for the iPod - practical and the perfect gift idea for years to come. The iconic knitwear is now celebrating a surprising revival.

The rebirth of the "iPod Socks" does not come from Apple directly, but from the accessory manufacturer Native Union. The new socks are also not intended for the iPod or the iPhones. As the name suggests, the " AirPods Beanies" are intended to protect Apple's headphones and perhaps also "warm" them (source: Native Union).

Apple AirPods get socks

Like Apple's original socks, the new beanies are knitted in two colors. Matching the current scheme from Apple in pastel colors. At a price of 19.99 euros, we get four of the iconic socks - each in the colors Glacier, Peach, Indigo and Sage. They take every charging case for the various AirPods, including the new AirPods 3, of course.

The rush for this rather mundane product is enormous. At the moment they are already sold out again. But there is hope, the manufacturer writes on its website:

"Due to the overwhelming demand, the AirPods Beanies are currently out of stock. We strive to have more in stock in the next 24-48 hours. Thanks for your patience!"

The makers achieve a real hit. This is hardly surprising, as the socks are wonderfully suitable as a present just before Christmas. Apple, too, has recently launched a rather unusual gift tip with its own "polishing cloth", but it has been sold out for months.

iPod Socks: A look back

From minute 4:30 it gets interesting in the video , then we see how Apple founder Steve Jobs unveils the iconic iPod socks:

For the younger semesters: What else were the iPods Socks? With a certain kind of self-irony, Steve Jobs presented the special iPod cases in 2004 at one of the many keynotes. Anyone who believed in a short-lived joke was taught better. You could buy them until 2012 and of course give them away as well. Then unfortunately it was over and a very special Apple product chapter ended.


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