Pixel 6 (Pro) - SIM card and memory expansion: what is possible?

Pixel 6 (Pro) - SIM card and memory expansion: what is possible?

Cell phones these days often come with slots in which you can insert multiple SIM and memory cards. xiaomist shows which SIM cards the Pixel 6 (Pro) supports and what options there are for memory expansion.

Anyone who has bought a cell phone in recent years will have noticed two trends:

The built-in memory is getting bigger and bigger and can be expanded with SD cards. Many devices can be operated with two SIM cards at the same time.

The new Google cell phones partially do justice to this development - only the memory expansion is a problem.

We have tested the Pixrel 6 for you:

Which SIM cards does the Pixel 6 (Pro) support?

Both device models of the Google Pixel 6 are dual SIM capable. However, not by inserting two SIM cards, but by an internally installed eSIM. Technically, this means that you insert a SIM card and activate the second number via the eSIM.

Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro support dual SIM functionality with a single nano SIM card and eSIM .

Nano-SIM is the name of the card that actually only consists of the chip and no longer has an edge. You can easily cut existing larger cards to the nano-SIM and then slide them into the slot of the Pixel 6 (Pro).

If you have a second card and want to continue using the number, you have to have your provider convert it to eSIM. You will receive a special code that you will then use when setting up the second number.

What memory expansions are possible with the Pixel 6?

There are three memory models in the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. The "smaller" Pixel 6 has around 128 GB of storage space for apps, photos, films and other files. The Pixel 6 Pro is available in variants with 128 and 256 GB storage capacity.

With regard to the memory expansion, the Pixel 6 (Pro) remains true to its principles: The question " How can you expand the memory of the Pixel? "Unfortunately still with" not at all! "Answered.

It is not intended to expand the memory of the pixels 6 (Pro) through memory cards.

You need a Google account to manage an Android phone. This brings with it 15 GB of online storage, which the Pixel 6 then uses to store photos, for example.

However, 15 GB is just a drop in the ocean these days. If you want to at least move backups and media files to the cloud, you need more space. "Google One" offers a remedy here. The relatively cheap cloud storage can be perfectly integrated into the Google account and the Pixel 6. The online storage is available in various packages that can also be shared with the family. At the same time, Google One offers other advantages such as free access to the Google VPN or a 10 percent discount on purchases in the Google Store. So if you buy original accessories for your Pixel 6, you will get new credit straight away.


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