Pixel 6 (Pro) - Battery capacity, fast & wireless charging

Pixel 6 (Pro) - Battery capacity, fast & wireless charging

With the Pixel 6 (Pro), Google has presented its next high-end device that can set standards in many areas. But what about the battery capacity and which charging features do the smartphones support? xiaomist presents the battery performance and gives you tips on charging.

In our test of the Pixel 6 Pro, my colleague Peter also had a lot to say about the battery. Despite intensive use, the battery lasts a long time. However, he is less satisfied with the loading times and that is a problem that I personally already know from the Pixel. On the other hand, faster loading could also lead to problems.

How strong are the batteries of the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro?

The battery capacity of the Pixel 6 is given as 4,614 mAh . The Pixel 6 Pro even has an output of 5,003 mAh .

This means that the batteries are significantly more powerful than the previous models. Allegedly , the devices are supposed to last up to 24 hours without recharging and this was also confirmed in the test . In energy-saving mode, up to 48 hours of runtime should be possible. In order to achieve this, however, Google should still make changes to the software.

The test showed, for example, that the user of the Pixel 6 Pro cannot be downshifted from the resolution QHD + (120 Hz) to FHD + (90 Hz). But that would possibly ensure longer battery runtimes. On the other hand, the Pixel 6 (without Pro) offers a maximum of FHD + resolution at a maximum of 90 Hz and does not run any longer.

Long-term tests still have to show how long the devices can hold up in everyday life if you keep sending and receiving messages, watching videos, recording videos and pictures yourself, or surfing the Internet for a long time and reading texts, for example.

The battery of the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro seems to be well chosen in terms of the built-in technology and should actually provide electricity for a whole day without recharging.

Charge time and fast charge on the Pixel 6 (Pro)

When it comes to charging the Pixel 6 devices, Google is stingy: except for a charging cable, there is nothing included. And the charging performance also lags behind the competition.

Where, for example, Xiaomi charges the Mi 11T Pro with 120 watts in minutes and includes the corresponding power supply, the Pixel 6 Pro can only be charged with a maximum of 30 watts. The technical possibilities for wireless Qi charging are even more disappointing - a maximum of a mere 12 watts is in here.

To use the wireless fast charging function on the Pixel 6, you still have to buy the 2nd generation "Google Pixel Stand" (from € 79.00 including a 30-watt power supply). It has a fan and ensures that the battery does not get too hot when charging.

That happened to me on a "cheap Qi-Pad without a fan" and eventually led to the battery becoming so bloated that the back wall of the cell phone burst open. So it is not advisable to get a Qi-Pad without a fan. Since you need the special power supply, you should use the combination offer right away.

Google nowhere reveals how long it really takes to charge a Pixel 6 (Pro) from 0 percent or 50 percent battery charge to 100 percent. Since no power supply unit is included, it naturally depends on which chargers the users have anyway. But even for the company's own power supply and charging parts, no value is given. This leads to the fear that cell phones tend to be weak in this discipline.


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