Pixel 6: Google puts together the all-round carefree package

Pixel 6: Google puts together the all-round carefree package

With the upcoming Pixel 6 (Pro), Google wants to offer more than just a smartphone. As has now been announced, there should be an optional Pixel Pass, based on the Apple model. This is to be understood as a complete package with a longer guarantee and access to premium services.

Pixel Pass: Google bundles premium services

The Google Pixel 6 (Pro) has not yet been officially presented, but many details about the two smartphones have already been determined. Now we know, among other things, that Google wants to distribute security updates over a period of five years. A new leak now points to an all-round carefree package called Pixel Pass. Here Apple should be a role model with its Apple Care and Apple One services.

Anyone who opts for a sixth generation Pixel cell phone should receive optional access to various premium services from Google. This includes at least 100 GB of cloud storage on Google One. There is also the Google Play Pass, which offers various paid apps and games for free.

Ad-free YouTube videos are possible with the YouTube Premium, which is also included. In addition, there is probably also data volume at Google Fi, the mobile phone discounter from Google (source: M. Brandon Lee on Twitter).

In the video : The Google Pixel 6 with Android 12.

The warranty extension, which will also be part of the Pixel Pass, is likely to be even more important than some services. However, there is hardly any information available so far. The most important characteristic, namely the period, has not yet been made public.

Pixel Pass: Prices and availability still unclear

It can currently be assumed that Google will only initially offer the Pixel Pass in the USA . We will then find out on October 19 whether and at what price the subscription can also be taken out in this country. On this day, Google would like to officially introduce the Pixel 6 (Pro).


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