Pixel 6: Google leaves owners of older phones out in the rain

Pixel 6: Google leaves owners of older phones out in the rain

With the Pixel 6 (Pro), Google has presented new smartphones that are supposed to make the difference with their sophisticated software. But there is bad news for owners of older Pixel phones: Some important features appear exclusively on the Pixel 6.

Pixel series: older cell phones do not have all the features

So far, Google has always been generous when it comes to new pixel features. Even older models will be equipped with new functions as soon as Google releases a new Pixel smartphone with special software capabilities. But that should be the end of it in some areas , as Google itself has indicated.

The reason for the U-turn is quickly found: unlike older Pixel phones, the Pixel 6 and the better equipped Pro version have their own processor . According to Google, special software functions of the Pixel 6 can only be handled by the new Tensor processor. Google has not yet fully revealed what these are in detail.

It is speculated that, among other things, the impressive real-time translation of "Live Translate" might not find its way onto older Pixel smartphones. Some special camera functions such as "Motion Mode" could also be reserved for the Pixel 6. The upgraded camera hardware and the tensor processor may be the reason here. The same goes for the magic eraser, which can easily remove unwanted objects from photos. Find out more in the Pixel 6 Pro Review.

In the video : This is how the Google Pixel 6 becomes an interpreter.

Older Pixel Support: Google remains vague

According to Google, they will "try everything" to also provide older Pixel smartphones with new functions. However, it also states: "As with all Pixel functions, we strive to transfer as many features as possible to older Pixel devices, provided that this is technically possible - even if the development takes some time" (source: Android Authority).


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